Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

You strive to make money. There was your employer to please and clients to do a discussion. There were still paper works laying around on your table and awaiting your interest. Your associate wants your feedback and you remember that you still have that report to finish. Getting back, your better half asked you, if you currently visited to your creditor’s office to settle a long over due debt.

That was becoming your ever day situation and the results ends up being anxiety, fatigue, worry, stress and anxiety, and it builds up then prior to you understand it. It finally occurs and it was one night … you might not carry out. You can’t get “it” up. You get so annoyed and you notice if this keeps going on too regularly– your better half, the most important person in the entire; the one person you wished to please will be beginning to resent you.

As a man, absolutely nothing hurts your pride more than your “penis” failing you at the moment, simply when you want her to have an orgasm. And just, exactly what is an orgasm to a woman? It’s the body resulting in a climax. It’s like something exploding inside of you that makes the lovemaking part so exciting. Now … you can’t give it to her. Worst, she thinks she is not preferable any longer. You cannot believe it yourself that you have it … this erectile dysfunction.


Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to attain or maintain an erection. A lot of males experience this at some point of their lives, typically by age 40. It is something that a lot of males have a tough time dealing with; that they cannot keep “it” up for so long. It is widely referred to as impotence. Having an erectile dysfunction might be sign of a physical or emotional issue.

For each 1,000 males in the USA today, the majority of them get in touch with a doctor for erectile dysfunction problems alone. This rate has actually tripled by the year 1999 according to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey. The most common reasons for ED are damage to the nerve, smooth muscles, arteries, and fibrous tissues.

A way of life option also plays a part on having Erectile Dysfunction (ED); if you are smoking excessive, avoiding exercise and being obese. Specialists think that elements mental factors like tension, sense of guilt, anxiety and anxiety likewise adds to impotence. A male’s penis contains
two sponge-like structures that run along its length and it has like a tube that brings semen and urine.

When a male becomes sexually aroused (arousal can be visual or physical), there are nerve impulses cause the blood circulation to the cylinders to increase about 7 times the normal quantity. Continued sexual arousal preserves the greater rate of blood circulation, keeping the erection company. After ejaculation, the excess blood drains from the spongy tissue, and the penis go back to its non-erect size and shape.

Aside from the psychological elements of having ED, there could likewise be such as surgery or trauma, physical conditions, conditions, drug abuse and medications.


When erectile dysfunction last longer that two months or it becomes a recurring problem, see your physician so he can provide you a thorough physical exam. Although, many guys are embarrassed to confess that they have this kind of sexual problem. It is always very well to seek treatment. Having a case history can reveal if there is other diseases that you has lead you to having ED.

Your physical examinations can provide a lot of clues. It can indicate a circulatory problem, hormonal or other uncommon attributes of the penis itself. After the physical exam there is the laboratory tests that can assist identify ED. Test such as blood counts, lipid profile, urinalysis, and measurements of creatine and liver enzymes.

A lot of doctors recommend having a healthy lifestyle can speed up treatment for those who have ED. Psychiatric therapy and behavior modifications can likewise be considered in some selected patients by the most simplest treatment is taking injected or oral drugs.

Oral treatment such as Levitra which is a FDA-approved prescription medication is an oral tablet. It helps enhance blood circulation to the penis. It assists keep an erection that last long enough to finish making love. It was proven efficient and reputable in keeping an erection for many guys consisting of those who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even diabetes.

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